Flexwrite delivers Technical Communication Solutions

FLEXWRITE TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS strives to provide our customers with effective ways to convey technical information to a diverse and modern audience at competitive costs.

Our services include work instructions, standard operating procedures, operations and maintenance manuals, intelligent forms and creation, translation, and illustration of technical documents, final drafting, intelligent forms, proposals, submissions and advanced word processing.

Our goal is better Technical Communication.

  • Work Instructions
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Operation and Maintenance Manuals
  • Legacy documents conversion

Today users demand documents that can be published to many platforms: from PDF to smart phones.

Flexwrite uses Madcap™ Flare® single-sourcing technology to create and publish manuals, procedures, websites, flyers, help files, training guides, knowledge bases, and much more.

We also convert your legacy material from any format into HTML-5 Help Files that are easy and inexpensive to update, translate, and publish.

Cloud-based working instructions using Dozuki® and Google® Slides results in flexible and cost-effective work instructions that can quickly adapt to the changing conditions on the floor.

We follow ISO/ANSI standards to make your documents easily understood and legally compliant all over the world.

  • Interactive Online Catalogues
  • Instant e-Stores
  • Fit to businesses of any size
  • No installation - All cloud-based

Flexwrite publishes documents online using iPaper®, a revolutionary way to make your documents immediately cloud-smart.

PDF documents may now integrate price lists and shopping carts. Place your entire inventory online without complicated and expensive database maintenance services normally associated with e-commerce sites.

Online catalogues allow your customers to identify and select the part they need from an active drawing, then order and receive the exact parts without ever making a phone call or looking through a maintenance manual.

Easy to maintain and keep up-to-date, online catalogues allow Retailers of all sizes can benefit from online PDF point-and-click catalogues and compete in online agility with the largest retail chains.

  • Interactive CAD-based Illustrations
  • Artistic Illustrations Rendered Manually
  • CAD and Hand-drawn Animations
  • Info-graphics

Technical Documentation must provide immediate and complete communication as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Work Instructions and Standard Operating Procedures and are far more effective with visual content. Nothing conveys meaning more effectively than an animated CAD model or a video showing exactly what to do.

Flexwrite applies well-integrated illustrations to all documents, embedded where they are mentioned in the text, rather than using indexes, reference numbers, or pages.

Using platforms such as Adobe Creative Cloud®, Solid Works Composer®, Camtasia®, and Blender™ we use a combination of photographs, line art, interactive exploded views, graphs, animations and videos ensure that the user can quickly and effectively understand the task ahead.

  • Translation to and from Any Language
  • Software Localization
  • Translation Memory for Consistency
  • Terminology Banks for Accuracy

The content of your documentation must be the same in any language. Your brand content should invoke the same message wherever it shows.

Accurate Technical Documents published in the local language may be the difference between a well-maintained piece of equipment, and one that creates endless problems.

Poorly translated material can be very costly: from warranty overheads to loss of product image. And even liability lawsuits.

Flexwrite uses Translation Memory and Terminology Data Banks that ensure consistency and accuracy now and in the future.

By employing only translators with relevant technical backgrounds and proofreaders with linguistics training, we ensure that the quality of your message is the same anywhere.

Manuals and Procedures

Operation Manuals, User Guides, Maintenance Procedures, Work Instructions, Quality Inspection Guidelines, Online Help: It does not matter what document you need, they must be concise, focused, and easy to understand. In any language.

Flexwrite uses the most common authoring platforms such as Word, Dozuki, Flare, InDesign, or Frame Maker to deliver the best solution for the document you need.


Cloud-Based Work Instructions

Your company cannot afford to lose time looking for the most current documents, keeping track of revisions lost in endless approval processes. Word files and PDFs cannot keep up with today’s manufacturing environment.

Flexwrite brings your production floor and quality department to the 21st century with cloud-based interactive work instructions. We use DOZUKI® to deliver fast, interactive work instructions and inspection procedures that are always clear and up to date.

Visual Training

Engaged employees are effective employees. The typical training material, with bulky paragraphs and poor illustrations, is downright forgettable. Your co-workers deserve interactive modules that quickly show them the best way to perform a task.

And why stop at training? Very soon after training most employees start to find better ways to perform a task. You need to capture this knowledge into your process as it happens.

Our work instructions allow for the real-time feedback from the floor without interfering with the current process. This knowledge can be incorporated into the process and transferred to the next group of trainees after cleared by management.


Create Flexible Content

Multi-channel publishing ensures that there is only one content, no matter what delivery method you need. It greatly reduces the cost of maintaining technical and commercial documentation and enhances its quality.

Multilingual & Translatable

Flexwrite relies on a network of native translators and agencies across the world to ensure the quality of content delivered, translated from any language into any language for communication that is even more effective.

Engaging Online Catalogs

Aside from creating new documents and optimizing your legacy material into very effective PDFs, Flexwrite can quickly publish all your hyperlinked PDFs documents online with unmatched security.

Efficient Work Instructions

Using Dozuki services, Flexwrite can create easy-to-use and simple-to-edit documentation that allow for more intuitive and responsive work instructions for companies of every size and in any field, giving you full control of your documentation.

Optimize Documentation

Flexwrite analyzes your current materials to ensure that they are lean, focused, and reflects your product line. We also verify that the language fits the audience, so your message does not get lost in the shuffle.

Responsive Technical Illustrations

Flexwrite creates graphical illustrations that show the most intricate details with clarity, artistic illustration that convey not only the technical aspects of a subject, but its emotional appeal.