Rid Yourself of the Paper Maze by Using Modern Archiving Services

The Paper Maze

Previous projects are a wealth of knowledge, but only if the information can be found in a timely manner.

In engineering and architectural offices around the world valuable time is wasted searching information in paper file boxes or old-back ups in media that sometimes can’t even be read anymore. Even networked files can take hours to be found. All this time wasted looking for information that is known to exist, but that is just not categorized properly.

So why not use the contents of these files to index them? Wouldn’t it be nice to quickly search and find what you need based on what you remember about it? From anywhere around the globe?

Flexwrite Smart Archiving Services

Smart Archiving Services converts all paper documents and flat scanned files into searchable PDFs and uploads them to the cloud under Amazon Web Services® servers – the most reliable and secure mass storage on the planet.

The converted documents become instantly available to coworkers with credentials issued by the IT department, or via whitelisted computers.

Aside from direct alpha search, all documents can be sorted by different criteria such as market, language, time period, or even original owner.