Cloud-Based Documentation

Create fast, interactive cloud-based work instructions and procedures that are always clear and up to date.

Accessible Presentation

Documentation filled with blocks of technical jargon is intimidating, time consuming, and hard to understand. To ensure a successful end-user experience, it’s crucial to use visuals in your documentation. Visuals—like photos, videos, and diagrams—are quick, easy, and clear.

Photographs and Videos – Most people are visual thinkers. They sketch out a process or mentally visualize steps before tackling a project. By providing end users with photo and video instructions, you’ll not only help them save time and energy—you’ll also foster their confidence.

Built-In Markup Tools – A great way to make needed notations on an image. They allow you to highlight key details—like individual screws or special components. And they guarantee that your instructions are exceptionally precise.

Intuitive Navigation – Good documentation is only useful if your end users can find it. Dozuki provides your end users a centralized place to find everything they need. End users can confidently click, scroll, and tap through the visual hierarchy of your content.

Content Optimization

If your technical documents are bulky, text-heavy or not in line with your current products, FLEXWRITE can help.

Smart Feedback

Engaged employees are effective employees. Our platform encourages users to engage with your documentation—guaranteeing you a constant stream of rich data and insightful feedback.

Easy Data Entry – What if your work instructions were designed to collect key data as your end users followed each step? Dozuki enables engineers to report specific measurements, answer prompts, and verify peer reviews—just by following the instructions.

Consistent Feedback – Feedback is an important part of refining and improving your documentation. Dozuki allows end users to provide detailed feedback. They can ask key clarifying questions, note unwanted inconsistencies, and make valuable suggestions.

Collaborate with Your End Users – Utilize an advanced feature of the Dozuki app by allowing your end users to contribute directly onto documentations. Give them authorization to make edits and revisions or even suggest alternative methods to any number of procedures.

Centralized Management

Creating, modifying, and distributing documentation is complicated. Dozuki lets you control everything from a single location so you can manage content with ease.

Centralized Creation – Tired of being tethered? Desktop applications, like Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, tend to restrict authors to specific workstations. But you should have the freedom to create content anywhere—not just at a desk. Our cloud-based interface enables you to create where you want to.

Centralized Distribution – Don’t hesitate to modify your documents. Dozuki makes releasing revisions quick and easy through its single-source publishing model. Once you click save, changes you make are instantly recognized everywhere those documents are being viewed—including your PDFs and mobile apps.

Centralized Control – It’s important that your documents are secure and monitored. Dozuki’s built-in document control provides just that. Not only can you determine who publishes comments on each document, you can also review or approve changes to them.

Mobile Access

Dozuki is a mobile-ready documentation platform. Developed with content portability in mind, our system offers a streamlined user experience and a variety of features that remote employees will appreciate. Empower your mobile workforce with applications that work in the office and out in the field.

Knowledge On Demand – You should have access to your documentation anywhere at anytime. Dozuki mobile apps provide that access. Not only can you pull up your documentation wherever you need it, but your documentation is always syncing to find the latest updates—which means you’ll always have the most recent information on your tablet or smartphone.

Offline Access – You may not always have Internet access. And that’s okay. Whether your Internet connection is unreliable or you’re in an area without Wi-Fi service, Dozuki mobile apps are prepared. Just add critical documentation to your favorites list and they will be saved on your device for offline use.

Confidence in Compatibility – Dozuki mobile apps are available on iOS and Android devices. Regardless of what type of smartphone or tablet you and your end-users are working with, we’ve got a compatible mobile app just for you.