Digital Work Instructions

No More Paper. No More PDFs.

Go Cloud.

Why rely on old methods of bringing information to the floor, only to see it go outdated as soon as it is posted? And, as a result, go unused and ignored.

Up-to-date work instructions are key to modern manufacturing and higher quality standards. You can’t afford to gamble your business by using older technologies that can’t keep up with a modern work environment and a dynamic workforce.

Flexwrite, in partnership with VKS Solutions, offers cloud-based, fully digital work instructions. They are intuitive, quick to update and much less expensive than conventional methods

Pictures, videos, CAD Illustrations, feedback annotations and text: All combine to guide operators and maintenance personnel on exactly what to do and when.

And they are always up-to-date. Changes from the central office are automatically updated across your work environment.

Three Levels. You Choose.

VKS Lite allows you to create, edit, and view digital work instructions in just a few minutes. At a very low cost: free!

Monitor productivity on the go. Collect data and create mandatory checklists using VKS Pro.

With VKS Enterprise you can connect your live work instructions to third-party ERP or MES via a highly flexible and easy to configure API platform.

VKS work instruction solutions offers a wide range of benefits

Go Paperless

Seriously! Not a page. None. Guaranteed.

Improve Quality

Suggested or mandatory in-process quality checks reduce defects drastically.

Increase Productivity

Do it exactly the same. Every time. All the time.

Complete Traceability

If it failed, find out where, why, and when. Instantly.

Real-Time Data

Make operational and planning decisions based on saved and real-time data.

Reduce Training Time

Drastically reduce the hiring-to-production time.

VKS Lite

Paperless work instructions from day one. Create step-by-step instructions with pictures, videos, PDFs and more.

Easy to Use

Digital work instructions in minutes using drag and drop annotations.

Automatic Versioning

Maintain full access to all previous while always publishing the latest.

Sharing Common Content

Accelerate the creation and updating by reusing content and grouping guidebooks.

Platform Independent

VKS runs on any modern browser of any OS, computer, tablet, or phone.

  • Standardize best practices and maintain consistency in production.
  • Transfer tribal knowledge into the VKS work instruction software and train new employees faster.
  • Switch to Expert Mode to empower your existing skilled workforce by only displaying the most crucial steps of the assembly.
  • Use Certifications to ensure that only operators with specific training have access to Guidebooks and work instructions.


Increase quality and track all data all the time.

Smart Forms

Collect key data such as dimensions, measurements, and serial numbers.

Rule Engine

Make user actions trigger key events and change workflows.

Mass Updates

Monitor job progress, cycle time, and output numbers.

Live Reports

Full traceability with live reports.

  • Digital checklists and data capture points using Smart Forms.
  • Capture real-time KPI and generate detailed reports to manage productivity, efficiency, and work order details.
  • Generate SPC Charts for production units or processes.
  • Selectively collect feedback from operators to fully leverage lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.

VKS Enterprise

Achieve smart manufacturing by connecting VKS to your ERP, MES, LMS, or any other software through our API.

Flexible API

Connect tools, machines and other applications to leverage Industry 4.0.

Single Sign On Authentication

Enable single sign-on or AD/LDAP authentication.

Control WI Access

Create User Groups to control access to Work Instructions.

Audit Log

Record and process all actions performed by users.

  • Integrate WIs with ERPs to cycle order details containing completed quantities, times, and other variables.
  • Generate work instructions automatically by transmitting product specifications.
  • Use VKS open API to correlate captured data.
  • Transform your production site into a Smart Manufacturing site by combining VKS Connect with VKS Enterprise.