Aside from creating new documents and optimizing your legacy material into very effective PDFs, Flexwrite can quickly publish all your hyperlinked PDFs documents online with unmatched security.

Flexwrite publishes PDFs online using iPaper®, a revolutionary way to make your documents immediately cloud-smart. iPaper® uses Amazon Web Services, the largest and most secure cloud platform in the market.

Live PDFs
This is not a simple cloud upload service: our online publications in iPaper® are active documents. They can contain animations, pop-ups, and videos. This interactivity brings an extra layer of communication and comfort to your customers.

Instant e-Commerce
PDF documents may now be used as integrated price lists and shopping carts. Your entire inventory can be online without the complicated and expensive database maintenance services normally associated with e-commerce sites.
Your customers can order and receive the exact parts without ever making a phone call. Since it is very easy to update, any change in your parts control process can be online in minutes.
For small retailers, this means that a corner store can now compete in online agility with the largest retail chains.

Who is buying what?
iPaper® is not only a publication platform. It collects and sends you statistics showing where the connections to your catalogues are coming from, and how long they are staying on each page.

Responsive online publications
Most accesses these days are via mobile and tablet. Publications in iPaper® adapt to all mobile platforms, delivering a content that is always clear and intuitive to navigate.

Multiple publications
Flexwrite can organize and publish all your documents online in digital binders. Your customers will be pleased to find the information they need easily and quickly. And, of course, the entire content is searchable.

Let us show how quick and efficiently Flexwrite can bring your content online. Send us a sample. We will gladly create a demo with your own content.