Intelligent Forms

Good Presentation is Good Business

A form may be the first interaction between your business and your customer. You want it to be good.

If it is confusing, long, or plain ugly, your customer may feel intimidated or, even worse, ticked off!


Innovative Fillable Forms

Flexwrite designs fillable PDF forms that can collect new data, or let you select from an internal spreadsheets or database in real-time.

Using Adobe Acrobat, Flexwrite delivers intelligent forms that can be used in any platform, anywhere.

Mobile Collected - Centrally Processed

FileMaker technology provides online or offline data collection linked to your database, with instant processing and feedback.

For instance: an inspector can check the current status of a building site, enter new information, and immediately see the results.

Across town, or across the globe.

Flexwrite converts and designs forms that are:

Clear to Read

Easy to Understand

Compact and To the Point

Able to Collect All Information

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