Flexible and Streamlined Technical Documents for the 21st Century

Content Creation

Technical writing has come a long way from the days of bulky, paper manuals. Today the same content outputs to print, PDF, the office intranet, online or offline devices in the hands of field personnel, flyers and even promotional e-mails. Multi-channel publishing delivers exactly that.

Multi-channel publishing ensures that there is only one content, no matter what delivery method you need. It greatly reduces the cost of maintaining technical and commercial documentation and, at the same time, enhances quality.

Flexwrite uses Madcap Software’s Flare® to create and publish operation and maintenance manuals, website content, flyers, help files, training documents, knowledge bases, and much more. All from a single, centralized source.

Let us show you how multi-channel publishing can save you money and create documents that are flexible and always portable.

Content Optimization

If your technical documents are bulky, text-heavy or not in line your current products, we can help.

Flexwrite analyzes your current material to ensure that it is lean, focused, and that it reflects your product line. We also verify that the language fits the audience.

Documents with less text and more illustrations are easier to maintain and less expensive to translate.

Optimization Sample

Original text (121 words – Passive voice – Long sentences – Multi-action sentences / Reading unlikely):

At the end of a shift or, if the plant is to sit idle for a prolonged period, it is recommended that a wash cycle (water only) be run for a more thorough cleaning. Multiple wash cycles are recommended, until discharged water runs clean. Following the wash cycles, the doors at the base of the mixer, the main mixer door, and the top mixer hatch should all be fully opened. The mixer interior must be inspected for cleanliness and if not fully clean the mixer interior should be manually cleaned as required. The top and bottom of all feed valves should also be cleaned. Doors should be left open between shifts to ensure the following shift starts with a clean mixer.

Optimized text (37 words – Direct speech – Short commands- Single action sentences / Reading likely):

Before an idle period (> 2 days):

1.Run the wash cycle until the discharge is clean;
2.Fully open all doors and hatches;
3.Inspect for cleanliness. If not fully clean, clean manually;
4.Clean all feed valves;
5.Leave doors open.

ISO Safety Standards

Flexwrite follows ISO 3864-1/2 and ANSI Z 535-1/3/4 Safety Words and Symbols standards

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