Technical Translation

Accurate Technical Documents published in the local language may be the difference between a well-maintained piece of equipment, and one that creates endless problems. The results can be very costly: from warranty overheads to loss of product image to liability lawsuits.

Flexwrite relies on a network of native translators and agencies throughout the world to ensure the quality of content delivered, to translate from any language into any language.

For communication that is even more effective it is very important that your message remains consistent throughout websites, brochures, flyers, operation and maintenance manuals, and even in your correspondence.

Flexwrite uses the latest technology in translation memory and Terminology Management to ensure that your message remains uniform and clear. Now and in the future.

Terminology Management

The first step in translating technical documentation is establishing accurate and consistent terminology. A good terminology base ensures consistency throughout your documents and software in any language.

Flexwrite reviews your legacy documentation, locates common terms, and adapts them to current industry common usage.

Once the terminology base is defined, it is centralized for all working languages and can be made available online for technical writers and translators, ensuring consistency throughout the authoring and translation process.

Areas of Expertise

Machinery Manuals; Operational Procedures; HMIs, Safety Instructions.
Computer Technology
Software localization; Hardware/Software; Help Files; Websites.
Marketing & Sales
Magazine Ads, Product Labels and Manuals; Sales Presentations; Marketing Analyses; Newsletters.
Environmental Engineering
Waste Processing; Water/Sewage Treatment; Forest Industry; Air Pollution Control.
Audio/Video Transcription
Technical Lectures; Presentations; Audio Books; Training Videos; e-learning.
Technical and Scientific Literature
Books; Magazines; Scientific Journals and Newsletters.

Our Working Platforms

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